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General Information

One Student: $65.00 per 4 weeks (2 hour each week)
​Two Students: $125.00 per 4 weeks (2 hour each week)
​Portfolio Student: $65.00 per 4 weeks (2 hour each week)
Senior Student: $60.00 per 4 weeks (2 hour each week)

What Tuition Covers
Tuition covers a 2 hour long class for 4 weeks, on a 4 week payment schedule.
Tuition reserves a spot for the student for those 4 weeks, regardless of whether they attend those 4 weeks.
There are no discounts or refunds for missed classes; however any missed class can be made up.
Tuition does not cover art supplies.

Missed Classes
Unless there is a  medical emergency  you will be expected to fill your seat in class.
Make-up classes  cannot  be made up during the student's regular class time.
To make up a class, you’ll need to call or ask for permission in advance, to make sure there’s room for you.

Customers who have decided to stop taking art lessons need to let me know. I require customers to provide me with at least 5 business days’ notice before the next four weeks begin so I can fill their seat. If a customer does not provide me with 5 business days’ notice, they will have to pay for the next four weeks of classes.

Questions and Complaints
​I encourage parents to ask questions about what their student is doing and learning during class. Customers are welcome to call or e-mail me at any time to inquire about their student's lessons or to schedule a meet-up. If you or the student has any concerns, please let me know! Doing so will help me improve the service I provide to all of my customers and any issues will be addressed and resolved quickly, to the best of my ability.

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